We are all completely beside ourselves

18 March 2014
Tags: Papergoods


The author of the Jane Austen Book Club, has a stunning new novel We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

We are about to start reading this in bookclub - we‘ve heard it‘s a real treat!

This book was inspired in part by a real-life experiment in the 1930s, in which two scientists, a husband-and-wife team, tried to raise a baby chimpanzee in their home as if she were human.

"You know how people say something is incredible or unbelievable when they mean it‘s excellent? Well, Karen Joy Fowler‘s new book is excellent: utterly believable and completely credible - a funny, moving, entertaining novel that is also an important and unblinking review of a shameful chapter in the history of science."

-Dr. Mary Doria Russell, biological anthropologist and author of The Sparrow and Doc



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