Earth Hour

26 March 2014

This Saturday is Earth Hour.

Earth hour is the single largest mass movement that helps the world target climate change; a simple idea that has quickly turned into a global phenomenon.
Each year, on one night, millions of people across the globe turn their lights off for one hour. They do so to show their commitment to working together to tackle climate change, and to celebrate our one precious planet.

In Australia this year, Earth Hour will bring people together to focus attention on one of our most loved and most vulnerable natural icons - the Great Barrier Reef.
People will be asked to turn their lights off as a sign that they care about climate change and the impact it has on our Reef.

There are a number of things we can do as individuals to support Earth Hour.
· Visit the Earth Hour Australia website 
· Turn out your lights at home for one hour at 8.30pm Saturday March 29
· Tune in to a special "What‘s happening to the reef due to climate change" documentary at 4.30pm on Channel Ten on Saturday to get ready for Earth Hour


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