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12 May 2014
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I live with my darling husband Brett and our very own ‘little poompkin‘ Daisy, our four-year-old cavoodle. I have a fantastic home studio with an amazing view out to the mountains. It‘s full of light and is an inspiring place to create.

The word ‘poompkins‘ is my own term of endearment for babies and little ones. So when I started up my business making cute hand-made kids clothing, cushions and other creations it was easy to decide what to call it.

Little Poompkins was inspired by the memory of my darling baby Mitchell who died prematurely and beautiful late Mum who was a textile artist and master of the sewing machine.


I started making cushions for our home and then making gifts for family and friends who were having babies. I soon discovered that sewing for little ones was not only healing but it made my heart sing. With only so many babies in my circle, I soon realised that I needed to branch out to continue creating and that‘s how Little Poompkins was born.

When I first started to make cushions I joined a class and thought I‘d just do it for a term to learn the basics. Four years later I still go to that class which has morphed into more of a weekly ‘chat and sew‘ group. I treasure the friendship and support it offers me. My teacher Pat is a perfectionist and I have certainly learnt some great sewing disciplines through the wisdom she shares.

Some of the words I would use to describe my style would be colourful, cute, homely and ‘from the heart‘.



I am an intuitive person and that‘s very much how I create. I might be drawn to a particular piece of fabric or be inspired by an idea. I love the process of creating something new, seeing a simple piece of fabric or clothing and the excitement of turning it into something practical: a colourful top, bright cushion or soft and luxurious blanket.

My most prized project is also one of my best sellers. I found some beautiful fabric with a gorgeous elephant and giraffe embroidery design and have used this to make a lovely series of cushions and appliquéd baby blankets.

I find inspiration everywhere! It could be in nature while I‘m out on a walk, listening to music or talking to other people.



At the moment I am working with a variety of fleeces making soft and colourful blankets for people of all ages. The look and feel of these fabrics is just divine and I absolutely love working with them.

We live in a world where so much of what we buy is mass produced. If you are looking for something that is unique or that has been lovingly handcrafted by someone who loves what they do then I think handmade has a lot to offer.


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