Creative Thursday

12 June 2014
Tags: Books, craft

We borrowed a book from the library the other day called, ‘Creative Thursday‘.
The cover and the title drew us in immediately.
It is a gorgeous book from beginning to end, so much so we are going to order a copy from Marisa Anne‘s etsy store!

So the book is about seeing everyday inspiration and using it to grow your creative practice. The author Marisa talks about all of us being creative beings, and how we can set an intention to allow creativity to flow from us. Setting intention is such a powerful tool. Believe in your intentions and then follow them through.

Here are some of the key points we got from the book.

Look around you - inspiration is everywhere
Start with starting!
Notice your negative self talk, acknowledge it and then move on to the positive
Let go of the concept of perfection.

Marisa‘s blog

Marisa‘s Instagram

and facebook


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