5 things about Markimekko

29 June 2014
Tags: Clothing, craft, Homewares, Stitch

5 things you may or may not know about Markimekko.


  1. The company‘s roots are in Printex, an oilcloth manufacturing firm.
  2. The first CEO for Markimekko was a fabric designer named Armi Ratia.
  3. Jacqueline Kennedy wore a simple Markimekko dress in 1960 that was on the front cover of Sports Illustrated - this made the Americans take notice of this vibrant, bold Finnish company.
  4. Markimekko broken down means, "Mari" is a common Finnish girls names and "Mekko" is a girls dress.
  5. Markimekko textiles were iconic in the 60&70‘s and when Armi Ratia passed away in 1979 and her shares were sold off.  Without Armi‘s vision the company floundered.  In 1991, Kristi Paakkanen revived the company...



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