2 August 2014
Tags: craft, kids , Little people, Stitch

Long before Instagram and Pinterest, there was Flickr.

Long before Instagram and Pinterest there was a thriving place to put your images online and connect with like-minded souls, join groups and spend hours "looking". That place is Flickr! I was obsessed with it for years and then for reasons unbeknown to me I drifted away. I was drawn to the then new Hipstamatic and Instagram. I had a bit of a looksee at flickr during the week and reignited my love for it.

There are only 24hours in the day, so I suppose it‘s just up to the individual to choose and do what with their time and where they spend it!!

Our flickr photographer for the week is  Thomas Aleto, Explore Mexico through his raw capture.

Are you on flickr?  Please let us know.



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