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3 September 2014



We LOVE Danielle LaPorte and we are very excited about her Conversation Starters Ap that has just come out.  She is an angel who wants us all to do what makes us happy, whilst being kind and giving back to the world.


Every time you truly connect with someone in conversation, your consciousness expands - your potential, your insight, your energy to attract what you want and to get things done.

So here‘s an expansion tool for all of us: Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App. It has 134 profound questions designed to encourage meaningful conversations. Conversations with your own heart, your partner, your work team, your best friend or a group of friends - maybe, even with a stranger. Ask the questions at your favourite cafe, gathered in your living room, at your next lunch meeting, on retreat, on your power walks, in your journal. Ask them on the phone, or in person, like you would with a book club, or a support group, or the person you most want to share your ideas, feelings, and opinions with.



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