Better than before

15 October 2014
Tags: Books

Gretchen Rubin is doing some research for her forthcoming book about habit change, Better Than Before. She asked people about the habits they most wanted to change, here are the TOP 7.

1. Eat and drink more healthfully.
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Save, spend, and earn wisely.
4. Rest, relax, and enjoy.
5. Accomplish more, stop procrastinating.
6. Simplify, clear, clean, and organize.
7. Engage more deeply in relationships-with other people.

That pretty much nails it!! Any you would like to add?

Better Than Before is now ready for pre-order. If you‘re inclined to buy the book, pre-ordering is a big help to Gretchen. Pre-orders create real buzz among booksellers, librarians, the media, and publishers. Buy early, buy often!

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