Make your own necklace

23 March 2011
Tags: craft

This is what you need to make a single wired necklace.

  1. A handful of beads you have fallen in love with
  2. wire. Length, thickness and color fully depend on your personal preferences. The wire I used was 3 meter long, estimated 0,5 mm thick and green colored. You could even lengthen the wire during the process by connecting one wire to another, using a tiny squeezable metal ring. You can get the tiny ring out of sight by positioning it inside one of the beads.
  3. a small lock
  4. 2 tiny open rings
  5. 2 foldable end pieces.

In case the length of the necklace is that long that you can put it over your head, you don‘t need the tiny pieces mentioned at 3, 4 and 5. All you need then is one tiny squeezable metal ring to attach both ends of the wire.

Tutorial 1 

Get started. Stick a little piece of painter‘s tape to the end of the wire. Add another larger one on top, facing sticky sides. Stick this set to your table.

Make a loop. Now you should do this: enter the end of the wire through the loop and then cross in front of the wire you‘re holding.

Actually this necklace is all about this last action. You should repeat it all the time in exactly the same way. Be aware of keeping the loops always on the left, so don‘t rotate your work. Add beads once in a while and just keep on repeating the described action.

When nearby, let your child choose the next bead. Go on and on, but also plan ahead: measure roughly the desired length around your neck, devide through the number of beads and check every 10 or 20 centimeter if all planned beads will fit.

Something like this is what you‘ll get.

When you have reached the desired length it‘s time to finish. Add the end pieces on the beginning and end of your wire: first fold one side, then the other using needle-nose pliers. Press firmly and cut leftover wire as close to the end piece as possible.

Attach tiny rings and close them with needle-nose pliers. Attach the small lock on one side. You‘re done.

Now go to a mirror, put it on and admire your new necklace.

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