Welcome to Autumn

24 March 2011

I am always excited to see Autumn arrive. The beautiful colours, and the stunning seasonal produce that hit our market.

This month, you can enjoy some amazing fruit such as figs, grapes, apples, pears, avacados, watermelon, and delectible stone fruits.

Then there‘s the vegetables that include asian greens, broccoli, pumpkins, cabbages, beetroots, beans, springs onions, a huge range of new season potatoes, carrots and the best sun ripened tomatoes.


Enjoy making amazing meals for your family using homemade pasta, free range beef and pork, corn fed chicken or fresh farmed barramundi.

Then to finish it off or simply for a sweet treat, enjoy the amazing flavours of homemade cupcakes, chocolate indulgences (gluten free too), cakes, biscuits and muffins.


Whatever you do, bring your shopping trolley and buy up some of the freshest produce available.

And the best thing is - it‘s here, every Sunday, every week!



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