Justine‘s latest book review - Action Pack

20 April 2011
Tags: craft

In keeping with my last post on my Top 10 blogs, I thought I would tell you all about Kathreen from whip up‘s latest venture, "Action Pack".

Action Pack‘s philosophy:

We see kids as competent, creative and capable people. We believe that our kids are resourceful and clever and we try to enable them to develop their independence and creative minds within a secure and nurturing environment.

We see learning opportunities everywhere. Learning should and can be fun. But we also know that parents are busy and cannot realistically be spending all weekend ‘playing‘ with their kids. We want kids to get off the couch, away from the computer and learn the value and fun in making and doing stuff.

It‘s so, so, so good! They recommend from 7 years and over but we have a 6 year old girl and we have loved making the cake and learning all about Bee‘s. Perfect timing with the school holidays happening at the moment. Really good projects to do with your kids - spend some time with them, you may even learn something!



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