Justine‘s 10 Market Tips

20 April 2011
Tags: market day


Be prepared

This includes your stock, props, float, bags, nibbles and what I call my "market tool kit" - it includes: sticky tape, pen, paper, string, blue tack, nails, pegs, wipes & tissues.


Be social

You no doubt have a blog or website and or facebook?  Use them! Don‘t bombard people but be savvy.  You have to put the information out there. The market you are attending has no doubt done promotion/advertising for their event BUT you need to let your customers know where you are going to be as well!


Be organised

Try not to spend the night before a market making stock or packing your kit.  It puts unnecessary pressure on you.  I try and am ready to roll at least a week out.  That means you can have an early relaxing night the before you have to get up before the sunrises market day.


Be on time

There is NOTHING worse than running late for a market set up.  Be early, set up and then relax!  I like to have a coffee before the general public start arriving.


Be positive

This is YOUR business.  Customers want to know about what you do.  They don‘t want to hear about your problems.  Be proud about what you do and tell the world the "good bits".  Keep negative thoughts to purge with close family members or friends.


Be willing

To get rained on, be in 40-degree heat all in the name of getting your product out there.  It‘s all part of the journey.


Be open

To having at least 3 stalls at any market before you make some decent cash.  People may not often buy something the first time but then come back the second or third market to purchase.  Plus when you become a regular people will make a point of shopping with you.


Be friendly

You never ever know whom you will meet at a market.  A potential retailer looking for handmade items, a journalist covering a story for a magazine/newspaper.  You are making contacts and networking and you never know who may cross your path again and what they can do for you or you for them.


Be happy

Life is too short!  Enjoy the journey.





Great tips! Thank you!

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