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15 July 2011
Tags: craft, Papergoods

Now I‘ve had a lot of people ask me how I sort through the abundance of information here on the Internet. Ok so when I started blogging in 2005 there definitely was not have as much out there but the same principle applies.

Lets say you‘re a crafty cat - start on one blog like Hula Seventy (my ALLTIME fav, she takes the most beautiful photos) then look on the links they like (which may be in their actual posts or on their side bar) and check them out and so forth.  You could always start with our Southern Blogger list.

So I‘d start to sort though and bookmark the blogs that you consistently like and brush over the others. For me my blog reading is about quality not quantity. Believe me I have been known to waste hours being all inspired and then doing nothing at all. So these days I only have a small amount of blogs I regularly check out and will briefly brush over links and every now and then I get excited about a new blog and become a loyal reader.  I can really get bogged down by all the wonder here in internet land so I really need to keep it simple - less is more ;)

A friend of mine got sent a copy of the first Issue of this ULTRA CUTE magazine, Mollie Makes.   It covers handmade living - making, collecting, thrifting & crafting. I have not been able to find a hard copy of it here in Melbourne but I have purchased the digi versions from here . This magazine is really, really sweet. You know there are a lot of craft magazines out there, but only a handful of rockin‘ ones - this is one of the rockin‘ ones.



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