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27 July 2011
Tags: Books, craft, kids , Little people, Organic

Amanda is Soule Mama she has five children with her partner Steve. They all live in an old farmhouse in Western Maine USA. Her blog is full of love and light, but here are some words from her blog to explain it better than I could:


...For me, my blog is a place of daily peace, a reminder of family joys, and a celebration of creativity. Know that there are as many messes in my house as yours, ‘raised voices‘ from time to time, and frustration and sadness and struggle, too. But for me - this blog space has always been about trying to find and focus on the joys - the everyday beauty and moments of bliss that we have together as a family. It‘s my hope that it can serve as a reminder and an encouragement to me - and perhaps to you, too - to savor the tiny moments...


Amanda has a new book coming out in August called; "The Rhythm of Family" and I can‘t wait. Her last two books have been full of really good ideas and tips; I really like her writing style.

Book Description:

Many of us with busy families yearn for a slower and simpler life with our kids — one that is connected to the seasons and the natural rhythm of the year, one that has our children spending more time out of doors rather than in, one that balances out some of the busyness of our lives — the computers, the televisions, the cell phones — with a deeper connection to the Earth and an appreciation for and understanding of the natural world. The Rhythm of Family is a guide to living such a life for any family.

You can purchase a signed copy through the Soule Mama store or here in Australia.


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