How DO you do it?

29 August 2011
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I‘ve know Andi for a few years now. We met through a stitching group I started up called the Perle 8‘s.  Andi has kindly taken some time to share a bit of her crafty story:

DS Quilt finished - front

When Justine asked me if I wanted to be a guest blogger over here I wasn‘t quite sure what I had to offer. I can‘t give advice about holding a market stall because I have never been brave enough to get involved in such a thing! The thought of making 25 of ANYTHING does my head in rather a lot.

But I have had the experience of trying to turn my passion for fabric, quilts and creation into a business. 2010 was my year!! Give up the "day job" and put all my energy into the crafty business of creating personalized quilts on commission.

Izzy‘s quilt - front

What I discovered about myself:
• I really love making stuff (Well, OK that wasn‘t exactly a new discovery)
• Specifically, I really love making stuff for me and my loved ones
• I‘m not so crazy about making stuff for other people with questionable taste :P
• I‘m really bad at the business stuff: self promotion, business plan writing, and all that slightly important stuff
• For me, this business would always be a lovely way of making some money on the side to pay for my ever growing fabric stash. It was never going to pay my bills.

Earlier this year I found myself in the position on being the sole earner in our family. I had to go back to the "day job" which I wasn‘t too pleased about but it was our only option at the time. In an unexpected way, it has really freed up my creative side. I no longer feel guilty about making things just for me or for my family. I seem to be much more productive even though I have significantly less time for crafting. (I‘m not sure what that is all about).

It turns out that at this stage of my life, being a crafty businesswoman isn‘t right for me. Maybe it will be when my kids are older or when there are fewer financial pressures for our family. In the meantime I am happy taking the occasional commission, teaching a crafty class once a week, and generally enjoying the making.

I realize that this post might seem rather pessimistic. But that is not my intention. My real question for you is how do YOU do it? For those of you who are better than I am at the "business-y stuff", what do you do that keeps you on track? How do you keep the creativity flowing when you are busy mass-producing items for market stalls or keeping up with the bookwork? What inspires you to make it work?

If you can answer these questions, then I‘m sure you will be a step closer than me to having a business that really works.

Tell me your secrets!!!!

Andi x


You can see/read more over at Andi‘s blog




I cant share on the business side of things, but I can say I have met Andi through our blogs and she is such an inspiration to me and is very generous with her time and sharing her many skills. Thanks for sharing her here! Cathy

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