Jane from Kabwares

1 September 2011
Tags: craft, stall holders, Upcycled

Hi my name is Jane, and I’m a blogger.

Are you a blogger - do you know what a blog is?

 A blog is a ‘weblog’ an online diary where you can record your thoughts, feelings, opinions or creative projects- anything you like really- its your own personal space.

I use a blog to promote the business I have with my hubby. Our business is called Kabwares- we upcycle old stainless steel spoons into Plant Labels for the garden, and I use the blog as a promotional tool to talk to our customers about what is new at Kabwares what markets we will be attending, and what stores we sell our products in. Its a great way for me to interact with people and get feedback on what we do.

I also have another, more personal blog called MissJaneMissJane where I record my crafty pursuits, and other bits a pieces that I would like to remember- like our street being flooded 3 times in a couple of weeks earlier this year.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs to share with you


attic24 for the most wonderful crochet tutorials set in a beautiful part of the English countryside.

Dress Styles

Advanced Style and What James is Wearing

A great local design blog

The Design Files.

Craft full of ideas and links

Meet Me at Mikes

Craft meets Travel

Foxes Lane

Tomorrow Jane will talk more about how to blog.



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