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8 September 2011


The beautiful Kathreen from Whipup has a new book coming out called "Little Bits - Quilting Bee"

My dear friend Fi contributed her quilting talents to this book, I know how much time and effort she put into it and I can‘t wait to see it and all the other quilts in the book. I‘m especially sold on these two:

I am SO going to make both of them, how HAPPY are they?!


(Image taken from Rohans site)

He‘s like my little bro Mr Rohan Anderson.  I mentioned him in this post and now I‘m passing on a wicked little interview with the man himself on ABC Ballarat.  I‘m thinking we should get him up to Mulgrave and get him to cook for us one Sunday Market Day...



Listening to Wild Flag quite loudly whilst typing this -- if you like Sleater Kinney you‘ll love these chicks - infectious --.

PBS radio - we are so very lucky to have awesome public radio here in Melbourne Town. I listen to both PBS & RRR they are community spirit at it‘s finest.  You know it was about 11 or so years ago that I was listening to the show  It‘s a Gas  on PBS and loved the music so much I rang the station to speak with Jamie (the host) and he ended up being the DJ at our wedding! I‘ve just downloaded the iphone app - Gosh there is an app for everything!  and you know I love a good app...


Harry Music Lover
Craft Music is lovely performed and it sounds too good while listening to it, it gives pleasure I try it on harry potter music which I get from that and it is lovely.

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