School Holiday KIDS CRAFTS Pt 2

2 October 2011
Tags: Books, craft, kids , Little people, Papergoods, Stitch, Toys

Did you get a chance to check out Kids Craft Weekly?   Did you sign up for the newsletter?  Have you made anything with the tutorials?  Thoughts?

Our copy of Big Kids Magazine arrived during the week. What a delight!! So many awesome things for big and little kids. Favourites include, Madeline Stamer artist print, the flying bird animation, how to be a bird watcher and how to make a miniature letterbox! Unlike most of the kid‘s magazines in the newsagent, this magazine is seriously packed with so much to do - all great, no fillers. Highly recommend.

Having read through the Big Kids mag we discovered Alphabet Glue. A seasonal e-mag full of activities and inspiration for kids who love books. Again like Big Kids Magazine this can be used for a broad age group. Issue 1 was so good we also bought 2 & 3!!

Please do let us know what YOU think of these crafty kids mags.  We‘d also like to see what you make out of them and if you have any other kids mags you can tell us about.



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