Gingerbread Corner

17 December 2011
Tags: Food Art, stall holders

Since starting Gingerbread Corner a lot of people have asked us how we got started. Is it because we just LOVE to bake? The truth is - "No". Neither of us are great cooks or bakers but we‘re good at following instructions and procedures. We started this venture because we wanted to be our own bosses and to own a life that was not restricted by your typical 9-5 job. We wanted to feel free, happy and creative every single day and creating our own business venture from virtually nothing does that!

But why do that with gingerbread cookies you ask? Well, let‘s start from the beginning shall we. We have been brought up by people who believe that most things in the consumers world can be home made. We cannot tell you how many times we have been out with our parents and saw something we wanted and then heard the following phrase, "You don‘t need to buy it, I can make that!" Or when we‘ve been eating at a restaurant and they have uttered the world "You know, I reckon I can make this at home", and sometimes they were RIGHT!

Our house is full of stuff that our parents AND grandparents have made. From crocked candle stick to winter gloves and even home made Barbie clothing, it is no wonder that when our friend told us she was thinking of having gingerbread cookies as her wedding favors we simple answered with "We can make that!".

So this began our journal into the creative world of cookie decorating. On August 2010 we made our very first batch.

You can see the Gingerbread Corner crew this coming Friday at our Twilight Market.


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