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28 December 2011
Tags: craft, Homewares, Stitch

I have so much fabric and I feel guilty for not producing ‘enough‘ crafty goodness.  This coming year, 2012 is now going to be known as USE THE STASH year!

Ok so what does that mean?  It means that I am slowly but surely going to make a big dent in the SEVEN tubs of fabric that I currently have. It means lots of handmade gifts for friends & family.  It means I will really need to think about the MUST have purchase before I hand over my hard earned cash.  It means that I may even make it to my weekly stitching group - to show up, sit down and get crafty!

I had a look at my pintrest QUILT board and have some great quilts to get stuck into, not to mention the 8 projects currently on the go...

What are your crafty resolutions for 2012?


Sue Taylor
LOL Only 7 tubs in your stash. Wont tell you how many in mine but its LOTS more than 7!
My resolutions for 2012 are -
to think outside the square,
have the courage to create new things,
keep learning new techniques
to use what I have already.
To only buy items that I need to complete a project
already started,
and only use materials that I have here in my extensive stash.
Oh and did I mention the most important of them all .... to create my own STUDIO :) :) :)

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