19 February 2012

Loobylu was the first blog I ever followed (like a good groupie).  I hadn‘t looked at it for about 6 months until the other day and Claire is still writing from her heart about her day to day activites. She is an swesome illustrator and I love, love, love  this:

Claire and her husband also ran Kidley which for a year or so.  They no longer update the blog but it still has a heap of awesomeness to check out.  Kiddley was published almost daily and is brimming with bright ideas, fun projects, links to great web finds and quick tips for parents to take away and enjoy with their kids. Kiddley is about taking a little time out every day to remember how exciting childhood (and parenthood) can be with just a tiny bit of imagination.


A friend put me onto " Apartamento"  magazine - she bought her copy from Magnation.  It‘s an everyday life interious magazine.  Apartamento prints 22.000 copies which are distributed internationally.

"For too many people, being happy at home is pretty much an abstract idea, something they can‘t know or imagine, until it appears on some taste maker‘s must-have list, or in a magazine, or reposted on Tumblr. A home sweet home is not curated or produced by acquiring a perfect arrangement of chairs, lamps and friends. A real living space is made from living, not decorating. A bored materialist can‘t understand that a house has to become a home. It happens, not through perfection but by participation."

Andy & Elsa Beach
Apartamento issue #07

It looks gorgeous, I need to pop in to the city and check it out in person!


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