Sarah Loves Bags

21 February 2012
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Tell us a bit about yourself. Who do you live with? Any pets?
My name is Sarah I am a mum of 2 great kids. We share our house with 2 dogs, a cat and a chicken that just turned up one day and decided it wanted to stay.

Where do you do your crafting? Kitchen table, studio ect...
I work mostly from home. I have a large marquee in my drive way with a 3mtr by 2mtr cutting table and a sewing machine in my lounge room. Oh and the garage is full of fabrics and a huge selection of bindings.
My mum also helps a lot with the sewing and she has 3 more sewing machines at her house in Sunbury.
I couldn‘t do it without her help.

Why did you choose your business name and what does it mean to you?
That‘s a funny question because most people aren‘t aware that my name is Sarah Love, so when I started making bags it was obvious. I get asked a lot if I do love bags and I guess I do.

Why do you do your craft?
The bags came from necessity. I designed & made my 1st bag for my mum who has arthritis. She was struggling everyday with the pain in her hands, knuckles, wrists and shoulders. She needed something she could carry that wasn‘t going to cause any more pain or do any more damage. She was advised by her doctor to stop carrying but of course that wasn‘t going to happen.
She was so happy with the bag, she showed her friends who then wanted them as well. My children started using them for their library and swimming bags and the kids and parents at school asked me to make them some and it has snowballed from there.

When do you find the time to do it?
Because I work from home I can juggle the kids, washing, cooking and housework with sewing, cutting and threading elastic. The only thing wrong with that is I‘m generally always working unless I go out or I‘m asleep.

How else do you spend your time?
With my children, family and friends. I love creating things and recycling. I love getting my hands dirty in the veggie garden and cooking. I also love shopping for fabrics.

What are your favorite materials to work with?
Anything stretchy and different. I love lacey and sexy fabrics. Bright and fun. I am quite passionate about fabrics, they are a blank canvas and you can use your imagination. A person can look at it and see something very different to someone else.

Where did you learn your craft? Classes, self taught, trial and error?
I am self taught. My mum brought me a sewing machine for my 18th birthday and I learnt by pulling things apart and putting them back together again. There was a lot of trial and error and calling mum.

What advice do you have for a beginner, or someone interested in learning your craft?
Have fun with and enjoy it. Be original and don‘t be afraid to experiment. Listen to your heart.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
People. I love them. I love the markets because I get to talk to everyone and hear feedback. It always amazes when I receive a beautiful email or letter from someone telling me thank you and explaining how they use their bag. It has kept me going even when things get tough.

Why should people support handmade?
Without support the knowledge of how to make handmade items will be lost and it supports a whole industry of small business‘s.

What do you expect the future holds for you and your craft?
I am growing my business and will be expanding into veggie bags and also shoulder bags. They will be available online and in shops in the next couple of months.

Sarah loves bags range of functional & stylish reusable shopping bags have been created to provide a designer alternative to the nasty plastic bag! The eco-friendly range is lightweight, functional, compact and versatile. They are easy to carry and gentle on your hands. The bag goes down into its own pouch & is small enough to pop into your pocket, your bag-just about anywhere! The bags are made by Sarah with the help of her mum right here in Melbourne from a strong, durable, soft stretch mesh. They are perfect for shopping, travelling, swimming and sports. You can even wash your delicates in them. If you have any enquiries or would like information on fundraising opportunities for your school, kinda or charity, please email Sarah at or come and see her at the Mulgrave Makers Market.



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