Just Because!

25 February 2012
Tags: craft, kids , music, Papergoods

Something as simple as a card posted by snail mail or delivered in person.  I have a friend who needed some TLC, so out came the card and a little gift =happy appreciated friend ( and I felt good also):


Kidlet lunch action - free downloadable tags from here.  I put one on my big girls lunch box everyday last week and you would have thought I‘d given her $100!  It‘s the simple things hey?:



Just hanging with the kidlets is priceless.  Last weekend we let them run riot on our old bench.  A heap of paint, brushes and a bucket of water = hours of fun and a smile brought to your face each time you walk past it!


Don‘t forget our monthly craft market is on tomorrow.  Check out some of the stallholders here.



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