Gingerbread Corner

15 March 2012
Tags: Food Art

Gingerbread Corner
sell home made gingerbread cookies in various shapes and designs for all occasions and events.

Gingerbread Corner are two sisters who were just working the typical 5 days a week office job, trying to climb the corporate ladder. They had a sneaky suspicion there was more to life than that. They wanted to be their own boss while doing something that they were passionate about.

A friend wanted gingerbread cookies for her wedding and the girls decided to take up the challenge. In order to be prepared for her upcoming nuptials, they thought they would practice making them. What they discovered was something so fun and exciting, from the baking to the decorating.

Together the two sisters were able to use their creative minds to produce many different shapes and patterns and best of all they tasted delicious!  They decided that they had to share this with everyone else. Gingerbread Corner was created!


Linda Main
Hope to see you at Mulgrave soon
Linda from Lindyloo Designs

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