FIVE awesome bloggers

28 March 2012

Forget facebook, blogging is where it is at ( well for me still anyhow).  I just love the feeling of stepping into someone else‘s word and escaping reality.  Having a sneak peak around whilst having a cuppa!  Bloggers show people what they want us to see, and that‘s ok with me! That‘s what I have my real life girlfriends for - to share things warts and all. 

Here is my TOP 5 (in no particular order) - these girls ALWAYS bring a smile to my face, teach me something new and make me appreciate life.  I have met them all in real life except for Blair (she live is the USA but we have worked together).  Knock yourself out :

foxs lane

Mother of three girlies, wife of one farmer boy, organic farmer, maker, baker, crocheter, knitter, stitcher.  Kate and her family spent 6 months last year travelling all around Australia -- you can read all about it and see photos of their adorable caravan.  She is also owner of Daylesford Organics.



kootoyoo a wife, a mother & a friend.
She likes coffee, running & making stuff.
Her favourite day is Friday.

It’s a bit craft, a bit inspiration, a bit drivel, a bit helpful & a bit of fun really.




One spunky, super talented and great all rounder - LOVE everything about her -Nan



My Poppet

Cintia prefers to blog, sew, craft and go Op-shopping over dish washing and ironing.  Brilliant tutorials.



wise craft

Blair has a very white room in her dark Seattle basement that is her sewing and crafting studio. It is in that room that she spends her most cherished alone time, when the house is quiet and everyone is at school or at work. Blair designs and make quilts, crochet & knits,  Playing with fabric, with yarn, with colored pencils, with her sewing machine is the way creativity spills out of her head.




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