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3 June 2012
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I swear Peppermint just gets better and better.    The Winter Issue 2012 is out now and full of enlightening articles.  One article that really stood out and said READ ME RIGHT NOW was one written by the beautiful Ellie Beck.  The article is about Sarah Britton, who is a certified nutritional practitioner, holistic well-being devotee and whole food addict.  Sarah‘s blog is called My New Roots and on it she writes about the beauty of eating good food and making healthy life choices.  The article got me thinking about the choices I make in regards to my well being and what food I put in my mouth.  Rather confronting and something I need to work on.  Do you nurture yourself or sabotage yourself with the foods you consume?

I have a total ‘girl crush‘ on Ms Sarah Wilson and her ebook, ‘I Quit Sugar‘ is written from her own "been there and learned the hard way" perspective.  She also has a new I Quit Sugar cookbook that I am super keen to get and try out the recipes.

Back to Peppermint, the other articles that stood out are:


  • Gratitude
  • Isy from in.cube.8r
  • Sewing School ( free cape pattern)


Peppermint always leaves me feeling optimistic,full of promise and with a feeling that we are all one part of a big whole.



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