52weeks project - rockin‘ it!

8 June 2012
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52weeks project

Rachel makes one craft project each week. She was sure when she started that she wouldn‘t have the time. As it turns out, there is enough time in a week-it‘s just a matter of what she chooses or force herself to do with it. 

Her advice for living a productive, creative lifestyle:

- Pick one day each week, and make sure you block out a few hours for yourself.
- Do projects you enjoy, it‘ll keep you interested.
- Failures happen, just be sure you learn from your mistakes.
- Don‘t rush- if you can‘t finish, or if the outcome is not what you want, revisit it at another time.

Here are 3 of the awesome crafts she has made so far:

My favourite Paint Swatch Art:


Love these Rope Candle Holders


Show your loved ones you love ‘em with these Sweet Tea Bags

She has an etsy store where she sells cute stationary.


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