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11 June 2012

This article originally appeared on our Sister site Bizness Babes and was from a Bizness Babes graduate, Seven Canaries AWESOME site.

Source: via Raffaela on Pinterest


When most of us don‘t get a good night sleep we usually take it lying down, yet research indicates that with a few deliberate changes to old habits, a good night‘s sleep may well be within reach.
Not surprisingly poor sleeping patterns are linked to negative emotional and physical health benefits. It might not be the only reason why things are not going right in your world, but if your life is already busy and stressed then not getting a good night‘s sleep can only add to your dilemma.
In order to turn this around, the first thing to assess is your sleeping environment. The bedroom should be an oasis of calm; free of distractions and designated for sleeping only. If you use your bedroom for other activities (watching TV, talking on the phone and emailing), your mind will be cluttered and associate the space with these other pursuits, making sleep harder to achieve.
Comfort is paramount, not just ensuring that the bed itself is comfortable, but also that the amount of light and noise filtering into your bedroom does not interrupt your sleep. Fit curtains or blinds to block out the light, add soundproofing or even use earplugs and a mask to do the job. This is the room where your body will rest and recharge, so ensuring that the room is free of toxins and irritants is important.
Once you have your room sorted out it‘s time to work on yourself. Try training your body clock by setting a strict routine of rising and going to bed at the same time each day. After a while you should start to fall into a pattern, but be careful not to go to bed when you are not sleepy as this can actually have a negative effect on sleeping patterns as it can reinforce the habit of lying in bed awake.
Set aside time before lights out to worry about the day, or commit your thoughts to a journal so that you don‘t take your troubles to bed with you. Shallow breathing can impair sleep so focus on the rhythm of your breathing making sure each breath comes deep from the diaphragm, or mentally repeat a soothing word or phrase to wind down.
We all spend a significant amount of time sleeping and it is importantly both physically and emotionally that we get the best sleep possible for ourselves. Work to achieve a healthy sleeping pattern and your body and mind will thank you for it.




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