Getting crafty with the kids

12 July 2012
Tags: craft, kids , Little people, Papergoods

How awesome are these toilet paper roll cars!  

and also these CUTE cats:


I just don‘t make the time for craft like I used to.  With our first baby girl I was right in there, making playdough from scratch every other week, painting and generally getting messy with her. Then number two came along (albiet 5 years later) and I just don‘t get crafty with her.  We have a dedicated table set up for colouring in and drawing BUT the little one tends to do it with her big sister.  I feel guilty, but should I?

We are all so busy all of the time and that‘s why it boils down to making time to do the little things like recycling toilet paper rolls into cool things.  Now this ‘aint for everybody BUT either way, they are sweet to look at and something else to  to put on my ‘to do list‘.

Do you make the time to get crafty with your kidlets?




No! I am the same as you, did it all with number 1 but dont have time with number 2. Feel very guilt about it especially when I think of what my daughter was capable of at this stage but poor lil boy doesnt get a chance! :(

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