Letter Writing

16 July 2012

One of our big girls friends has moved from Melbourne to QLD in the last month and I suggested to our daughter that it might be a nice thing to send regular correspondence via ‘snail mail‘. Such an old school thing to do these days. What with email & Skype - you need not ever write a letter again, so very sad. I know we like the immediacy of email & Skype but this way the girls get to look forward to receiving a little something in the post every few weeks! We are taking the time to sit down and write replies and as we see different things during the week like cool stickers and pictures or maybe a couple of songs burnt to a disc we put them aside to add to the parcel.

Here is a cute Matroyoshka card set you can download and print out for free.  

I just love the idea and execution of the Hand Written Letter Project, read about it here.  You can buy the book here.




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