How to Succeed in Business Beyond the Second Year!

20 August 2012
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I have always been fascinated by why a lot of small businesses don‘t seem to make it past the two-year mark. I used to think it had to do with the individual product or service not being strong enough. Or that people have not structured their business in a way to secure their long term success. However I have begun to realise success relies on people having the right skills. People may have skills to set up a business but often they don‘t realise it takes a separate set of skills to run and grow a successful business.


Businesses are currently operating in a tough environment. Just having a great product or service is no longer enough to guarantee long term sustainability. It comes down to your ability as a business owner to have a holistic approach with strategies in place for all aspects of your business. Ask your self, "Do we provide the best service?" "Is our product or service displayed in a way that my target market will be attracted to?", "Do I have growth strategies in place for my business?", and most importantly "Do I have all the skills I need to achieve all of the above on much more?"

My passion lies, in helping small business to recognise there are not one but two very important aspects to your business success. These are WORKING IN your business and WORKING ON your business. It may sound simple but the key to success is your ability to juggle between the two!


Often we get so wound up and busy working IN the business we can forget about working ON the business; or, we are not really able to recognise the difference between the two.

Working IN your business is all the day to day running and operational aspects. Working ON your business is everything from forecasting, creating growth strategies‘, improving your operations and also up skilling yourself personally to achieve all of the above.

I believe that there is such a gap in the market for this sort of training for small business. What currently separates your small business from big business is the number of people teams, working on the two areas of their businesses ON It and IN IT. Many also have in house training to up skill, their employee‘s. As a small business you don‘t have this luxury it is up to you to decide to ensure you seek the relevant skills and training to guarantee your businesses long term success.

My years of retails experience has lead me to work with Bizness Babes to create a suite of one day workshops to will assist small business operators to obtain the skills and training required to you every opportunity for long term success.

Please take the time to explore the Bizness Babes website , read through our suite of Bizness Builder Workshops and let me help you make your business journey enjoyable and profitable!




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