Just DO IT!

18 September 2012

Not happy with where you are at? Try doing things differently, go on, just one thing today and see what difference it makes.

I love this poster from the gang at HOLSTEE. HOLSTEE are a lifestyle design company with a conscience, they offer a place for mindful shoppers to find meaningful products. You can read about their beautiful journey here.

Source: brainpickings.org via BB on Pinterest

This post originally appeared on the Bizness Babes blog.  Bizness Babes is a not for profit organisation with a range of business training programs for women who want to succeed in business.


Hi Emma

From time to time I receive emails from Mulgrave Makers Market as I once lived in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and now live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and thought to just send this email because I am a person looking to turn a craft into something more. I design cards and have been thinking about wholesaling to other places at random. I wondered if you could answer the following:

To simply get started in some way obviously you would need to register a Business Name and also obtain an ABN number to be able to sell the product to other businesses?

Thank you for your time.

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