12 week until Christmas

8 October 2012
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Emma from Bizness Babes shares some tips for your business.  She is also running a Bizness Builder Workshop here in Melbourne on Oct 23, you can register now.  Bizness Babes run a variety of super informative workshops - check them out here.

With the Smell of fruit mince pies in the air and only 12 weeks to Christmas, I would say that if you haven‘t started thinking about preparing your Business for Christmas you may just be too late.

Unfortunately business is not quite as lucky as we are in the way that if we haven‘t already started our Christmas shopping we still have time to prepare. Your business on the other hand works slightly different, as it requires lead time and much like Santa many lists that you may just have to check more than twice.
There are many aspect to making your business Christmas campaign a huge and profitable success. One of the main aspects is having the right products in the right quantities that will appeal to your customers at Christmas. If you are a product based business you would hope to see an increase in the amount of product you sell so nothing would be worse than having the demand for your product high but not being able to supply, as they say "if the boat sails and you‘re not on it, then you‘ve missed it!!!!"

I have listed just a few of the things that you may need to consider now in getting ready for Christmas:


  • Have you forecasted sales for the coming months? This will ensure you have enough stock on hand to carry you through the Christmas period. Forecasting will help you to be clear on what stock quantities you may need to order.



  • What are your lead times for manufacturing stock and do you have enough time to get the stock and then have time required to sell it?
  • Before you go ordering any more stock please check your stock on hand and compare it with your rate of sale. You may just find you have enough or you may find you need a lot more!!!! Being overstocked is as bad as being understocked; you are tying up your working capital!
  • What working capital are you going to require to ensure you can purchase the extra stock or raw materials.
  • How are your expenses going to increase over this period/ (eg. More fuel, more market stall fees)
  • Have you been actively generating new sales for the coming months, are you taking pre orders for Christmas? If you have taken orders you need to ensure you have the stock to fill those orders and any new orders still coming in.
  • Research postage timelines for the Christmas period. As it gets closer to Christmas the postage and courier systems gets busier and slower and so you need plan for this and advise customers of the last date they can place orders.

Well these are just a few little Christmas preparation tips I have for you 13 weeks out. Christmas can often make or break a business so being prepared early is one of the best things you can do.
We have a wonderful suite of Bizness Builders workshop available to help you in your business. We also offer Business Coaching which is a one on one tailored service. By investing in you, you are investing in your business success.


Enjoy, Emma x


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