A conversation with Pom Pom Poppy

17 October 2012

Be my valentine bib necklace

You will find so much handmade goodness in each item Chandika makes. She draws her inspiration from the beautiful things in life which allow her to create gorgeous fabric flower accessories.  We had a little chat with her and we‘d like to share it with you!

DSC_1879 - frida  kahlo

Where do you make your craft? 
I have transformed a spare room into my crafting space! It is now full of my work in progress and finished accessories as well as my ever growing fabric collection.

Why do you do your craft?
As a little girl, I had an impressive collection of unique hair bobbles and hair clips in different colours and shapes that no other kid in school had thanks to my lovely travelling relatives! 20 or so years on and I still love to wear unique accessories. Combining my love for flowers and all things pretty, creating pieces for myself marked the start of this creative venture!

What are your favorite materials to work with?
Any colourful fabrics in different patterns and textures. I spend a lot of my time sourcing fabrics so each piece I create is unique.

Where did you learn your craft? Classes, self taught, trial and error?
I am a self-taught fabric flower maker! A lot of trial and error occurs. Each fabric texture I experiment with can bring a different result in how my flowers turn out, which is always exciting. This has assisted in my continually evolving range of fabric flower accessories.


How has your style or craft evolved over time?
I started creating a range of girls hair accessories, but have slowly branched out doing an accessories range for ladies. Frustrated and bored with the standard mass produced ladies accessories, I now enjoy focusing my creative energies into designing bespoke, one off pieces that can be treasured.

Why should people support handmade?
I love that each handmade piece has been made with so much love and care. It‘s a reflection of a maker‘s passion and hard work. I don‘t think many people are aware how much time, effort and creativity goes into creating a special piece by hand.


Frida I Love You headband

What do you expect the future holds for you and your craft?
I‘m working toward expanding the Pom Pom Poppy handmade accessory range over the next year with new products and would love to collaborate with like-minded crafty businesses! I‘m also hoping to do continue with markets and to see more Pom Pom Poppy in boutiques / shops supporting locally handmade products.


Website: www.pompompoppy.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/pompompoppy
Email: pompompoppy1@gmail.com
Phone: 0402543029


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