Healthy Eating!

30 October 2012
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Two great businesses to help you help nourish your kids body & mind.  Healthy, yummy food - nice and simple!

Thanks to all who came down and shared in the love of our Makers & Farmers Market last Sunday.  One stallholder was the lovely Nicole from Planning With Kids selling her 2013 Family Calendar that revolves around Kids Lunchbox ideas.   There is information to assist you to get the kids lunches made with the least amount of fuss, lists of seasonal fruit & vegetables.

We also have Lindy who has just launched her new business, "My Green Lunch Box".

My Green Lunch Box is your solution to Rubbish Free Lunch Days - it‘s a simple, environmentally friendly fundraiser. Money is raised for your school or kindergarten through the sale of BPA free lunch boxes; drink bottles, and sandwich wraps. Included with every purchase is a free healthy eating lunch box guide.

Both these websites have a plethora of yummy HEALTHY things to prepare for you and your family. Lets get our kids educated and provide them with nourishing food for their body & mind.


Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds are packed with so much nutritional goodness you could live off them almost entirely. These amazing little seeds have countless health benefits and are just so easy to include in your own and your children‘s food. What‘s really interesting about them is that they absorb 12 times their weight in fluid, to form a thick, gel like texture.  Click here for some Chia Seeds recipes from My Green Lunchbox.


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