40 Days!

15 November 2012
Tags: stall holders

Some very useful BUSINESS information from Vickie Burkinshaw GM of Bizness Babes:

THE TOP FIVE things you should do to get your business ready for Christmas

  • Get yourself organised. Trade in all your frequent shopping points and exchange them for gift cards. Use the gift cards as gifts or to buy gifts. Write a list of people you need to buy gifts for, send cards or emails to.
  • Make sure you have enough stock. Review your projections. Are sales going as well as expected? if not you might need to boost your marketing. Encourage your regular customers to be organised and buy from you now.
  • Do not discount. While you want to encourage customers to buy from you, discounting your stock van diminish your brand and reduce your profits.
  • Send and follow up invoices. You don‘t want to be the last business on the Christmas card list of your debtors.
  • Prepare for March. Lots of businesses struggle with a post Christmas cash flow crisis. Plan aheaad so it doesn‘t happen to you.



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