Care You Love - A Stallholder

17 November 2012
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How did you choose your business name and what does it mean to you?

Care You Love came about as we want to make products people love. 

We like to say care is infused into each step of the process from sourcing the best materials, making unique products and supplying it fresh to the customer. The products are real and 100% natural which is better for you and the environment.

We are passionate about making fresh 100% natural skincare, which is beautiful to use as well as good for you and the environment.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who do you live with? Any pets?

Hi we are Ernie and Chris the owners of Care You Love. We craft our products locally in Belgrave, and live on the edge of the beautiful Sherbrook Forest with our cat Jerry and our labradoodle Sunny. Fortunately for us we live in the right environment to grow the herb calendula officinalis, which we use in many of our products. It is a lovely herb for skin healing and soothing. We are also growing other herbs to include in our skin care range such as comfrey, mint, lemon balm and marshmallow.

Why do you do what you do! & What are your favorite materials to work with?

A love of herbs, essential oils and all things natural, and the amazing lotions you can create with them. There are many health benefits of using natural skin care, as our skin is our biggest organ and permeable.

We have some amazing essential oils we love working with including our fresh zesty certified organic mandarin and our heavenly certified organic rose water...they smell divine.
Some of our ingredients are so real you can also eat them. They are used in our products, but we also sell them individually. Like our North Queensland coffee which is in our salt and coffee scrub, and our vanilla bean for our delicious vanilla lip balm.

Where did you learn to do what you do?

As a massage therapist Chris has completed courses in aromatherapy and making creams. I started making creams for clients and it has just kept growing. We are always reading about new ingredients and trying different recipes. At the market we often have a sample of a new product we are developing, and love to get people‘s feedback, and hear about their experience with making creams or herbal infusions.

How has your business evolved over time?

We started out with our first product being a soothing hand cream and we have just kept developing our product range by infusing oils with spices and herbs, and including a wide range of essential oils. Our new face cream that we just have introduced is an example of this.

Why should people support handmade?

When people support handmade and buy locally it supports a small business, and they in turn support the wider local community. Not only are they supporting the local community, but they are also becoming a part of their local community. Buying at markets from the maker gives people the opportunity to engage with the person who crafted the product and find out more about that craft, and buy something that is unique.





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