18 December 2012
Tags: craft, kids , Organic

I was about 18 when I delved into  Native American Indian History.  They are full of faith & have a strong spirituality.  Beautiful colours adorn their clothes and head pieces.

One of their traditions are dreamcatchersDreamcatchers are hung above the dreamer, the dream catcher filters dreams, letting only the good dreams and important messages through.

During the summer holidays I will be making dreamcatchers with my girls.  I‘ve been searching the web and have found a heap of inspiration and some great tutorials.

I LOVE this dreamcatcher below.  Fanatastic INSTRUCTIONS here.  Image By Johnie Gall


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Dream catchers are part of Americas history and culture. They meant protection for the Native peoples at night because that is when many believed the evil spirits roamed the planet earth and came on the particular winds.
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Its lots of fun making Dream Catchers, My wife makes them to sell at the local markets.

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