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19 February 2013
Tags: Homewares, market day, Organic


Dryerballs made from 100% wool.
They are about 6cm in diameter (about the size of an orange. They make them in a natural cream, cookies & cream colours OR with cute little novelty faces.



Throw them in your laundry tumbledryer and our wool balls draw out the moisture from the wet clothing due to a process called ‘regain‘ which is a fabric‘s ability to absorb and resorb moisture from its environment.

They fly around separating fabrics, allowing the air to flow between the layers and increase the surface area that is drying.

No need to add dryer sheets or softening liquids when washing as their wooly surface softens the fabrics naturally.


  • Wonderful for people sensitive skin.
  • Gentle on delicate clothing.
  • They do not make a noise and can‘t dint your dryer.
  • They reduce static.
  • The wool dryer balls will last for hundreds of dryer loads and are relatively maintenance free.


Come and see them this Sunday February 24 at our Makers Market!







Troy McWhinney Colorado
This is surely a very good blog, thanks a lot for sharing such nice information here.

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