7 April 2013

Having a (flexible) routine may just save your sanity.  As we seem to be on a self care route we thought we should talk about routine.

Vickie Burkinshaw  talks about not ‘making time‘ BUT ‘scheduling time‘.  That‘s right SCHEDULE. You think you don‘t have time to to exercise or even knit?  You do!  We all do!  It‘s just what you are prepared to alter to make the time for the things you need to do for health reasons, things to nurture your soul and of course all the day to day responsibilities.

We just love Sarah Wilson and she wrote a great article on the Elegance Of A Morning Routine.

Sarah talks about nurturing yourself and starting of the day on a positive.  Start from the inside out and then get on with your day.  Yes it‘s much easy said than done and that‘s why it all comes back to action/routine.  We will talk more about this during the week.  Have a read of Sarah Wilsons How To Have A Better Routine.


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