Weather Watches

13 November 2013
Tags: Books, kids , Organic

Mud Puddles to Meteors is dedicated to finding nature in the well traveled corners of everyday life. It is a landing place for nature loving families who explore the world with a spirit of discovery.

From the makers of Alphabet Glue, they have made an e-book called, ‘The Weather Watches Handbook‘.

The book covers everything from the basics of our earth‘s atmosphere to age old questions about why it rains and what makes each snowflake so special. You‘ll learn about everything from storms and seasons to wind and the water cycle. Plus, there are ten hands-on experiments and activities included in the book; each focused on bringing a basic principle of weather science to life through active experimentation and observation, allowing you to view incredible feats of temperature, air pressure, and more.

The Weather Watcher‘s Handbook is an ideal resource for science-loving families.





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