Weekly Meditation

1 December 2013
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Do you practice meditation or mindfulness on a regular basis?
Do you think that you have to sit on the floor in lotus position to be doing it right?
Well let‘s smash that thought process out of the water.
Mindfulness can be experienced through out your day. Just as simple as stopping to observe your breath notice where your head is and your hands are. Take a few deep breaths - say thanks for all you have and continue on your day! That‘s SIMPLE huh! Yep try this practice for the rest of the day anytime you feel distracted, worried or uptight and see what a difference it makes.

We have weekly meditation classes here at our Market grounds EVERY Sunday.

Vicky has extensive experience in change from a personal and professional perspective.

Over the last 26 years Vicky has balanced roles in the corporate space as a project and marketing professional by day and by night - a practitioner of alternative modalities.

Recently she was certified as one of Dr Joe Dispenzas global trainers facilitating "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" within corporate and wellness sectors. Vicky has decided to embark on her passion on a permanent basis and teaching meditation is at the forefront of what she aspires to do. Vicky has found that practicing meditation allows you to identify, sustain and maintain change so you can create a well balanced life.

In a casual and supportive environment, Vicky aims to provide you with the tools and techniques to create a well-balanced and calm lifestyle by using meditation. She looks forward to being part of your journey.

Enjoy weekly classes with Vicky, commencing with a FREE class , Blue Sky Room, 10.45am.



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